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Voice disorders encompass a wide spectrum ranging from laryngitis to serious diseases that could require in-depth treatments involving surgery. There are different categories known as "organic" and "functional". Subcategories for organic include "structural" and "neurogenic". There is also a category known as psychogenic voice disorder related to some psychological conflict that occurred in the past yet never was resolved.

Structural disorders generally relate to physical problems in the larynx often including tissue or fluids of the vocal cords. Neurogenic refers to disorders related to issues in the nervous system. When there are no abnormalities in the physical structure, problems can still arise in the way the vocal mechanism is used. These are known as functional voice disorders. These types of voice disorders often interact making them difficult to group as well as treat.

Diagnosis Using Video Stroboscopy

Videostroboscopy is an advanced procedure used to study the movement and structure of the vocal cords. A office video examination has distinct advantages to include:

  • real-time information
  • images for vocal pathology
  • exam takes about 5 minutes
  • enhanced motion sensitivity
  • painless experience
  • video record & playback
  • in-office procedure
  • images at rest & vibrating

NOTE: An ENT Specialist, such as Dr. DePasquale, has the experience to utilize this technique in the most effective way to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment of adult and pediatric voice disorders.

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