St. Augustine Ear, Nose & Throat in Florida is pleased to receive feedback from our patients about how our services have positively affected their lives. Here are some of our favorites.

Balloon Sinuplasty
I suffered from tremendous sinus pain and pressure almost daily. No amount of over the counter sinus medication or pain medicine helped. Prescription nasal spray provided little relief. So, after a thorough examination from the courteous and professional staff at St. Augustine ENT, I opted to have a balloon sinuplasty done in the office by Dr. DePasquale. The procedure was quick, painless (just a little pressure now & then), and recovery was very quick-I was back at work a day later. The effects were almost immediate. It has been less than a month and I no longer suffer from the chronic sinus and pressure that has been plaguing me for over 15 years. Truly a life-changing decision.
Christine Will
Reason for Visit: Sinus pain and pressure

Overall this has been a very positive experience. After reading internet horror stories, I expected this to be a much more difficult procedure. It was easy and no more unpleasant than a bad cold. Mostly my nose remained open or partially open until the last 2 days before the stent removal, when the fluid became very thick. The tube removal was not difficult and brought instant nasal breathing. I would highly recommend the use of “NeilMed Sinus Rinse” as an effective method of post op flushing. Very pleased with the results and I am really enjoying improved sleeping every night.
Good Procedure-Good Staff-Good Experience. Will recommend to ALL my friends.
John Zaborsky
Reason for Visit: Septoplasty/Bilateral Turbinate Reduction

I was suffering with headaches, sensitivity to light, nasal congestion, and enormous amount of mucous. I was unable to sleep because of this. I just sat in my chair day in and day out because of my suffering.
These people are warm and caring. They do not rush you, they are very thorough. They listen and hear when you’re sick. I am able to get in right away.
Donald Vance
Reason for visit: Nasal congestion, headaches
Problem Solved? Absolutely

Courteous and Friendly Atmosphere. Most helpful staff-very kind and caring.
Guy Livingston
Reason for visit: ears

Being anxious about the heredity factor of Thyroid problems in my family, I feel very relieved that I was in good care. Amy Dugan, I congratulate you on your arrival to the “practice staff” at Dr. DePasquale’s. Within seconds of meeting you in January 2012, I was impressed with your friendliness and your ability to listen and then your knowledge of my problems. Thank you and I will see you soon.
Helen Gidel
Reason for visit: thyroid problems

I was constantly getting sinus infections that lead to ear infection and bronchitis. Now I feel great! My coughing has stopped. Most of all, I can breathe.
Eileen C., Jacksonville
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

After many years of enduring the debilitating symptoms of chronic sinusitis and spending thousands of dollars on doctors and treatments, Dr. DePasquale found the solution to my problem. Within 1 week after she performed the procedure to eliminate my nasal obstruction, I was virtually free of all the symptoms of sinusitis, and also found I have a great deal more energy. Thank you, Dr. DePasquale!
Hollace F., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis and headaches

I had never been to an ENT before - I was so impressed with your ability to look into my throat and come up with a plan of action. My nodule was healed with the voice exercises and the "homework" with Amy. Amy was a wonderful coach. She even came to my church to give our choir some pointers. Thanks for all you did for me, I will always recommend your practice to others.
Susan D.
Reason for visit: vocal dysfunction

Although I have had several invasive traditional sinus surgeries, they appeared to have been partial in nature. I continued to suffer terribly with repeat sinus infections and was often sick and on antibiotics. Unhappy with another ENT's suggestions, I turned to Dr. DePasquale's office for her expert opinion. After consulting with her, observing her thoroughness and her communicating all the areas that needed to be addressed, I agreed to the newest sinus procedure -- balloon sinuplasty. I am so glad I did!
Vicky J., Palm Coast
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

I started having trouble with my voice; it was very raspy. I've had people call me and when I'd answer, they would ask for me! I hadn't heard my voice in about 35 years. But now I think I have the winner this time. Now I'm a very happy person, I can finally talk and people can hear me. Thank you Dr. Kalpana.
Joseph F., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: voice problems

Before I was treated I was quite miserable; unable to play golf or sail. Since my surgeries my whole outlook on life has changed!
Thomas F., St. Augustine Beach
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

It's a miracle! For the first time in memory I can sleep all night and breathe fine without using nose spray. I am so happy I had the procedure done.
Sylvia G., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

The [Balloon Sinuplasty] procedure performed by Dr. DePasquale was 100% successful. It corrected a sinus problem that I have had for 20 years. I can breathe again!
David G., Bunnell
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

At the ENT clinic you will find a group of dedicated professionals who truly care for the well-being of their patients. In audiology I got the answers to all my questions about hearing loss and they helped me to choose an affordable, good quality hearing aid. Dr. DePasquale treated and cured my chronic sinusitis condition. She never gave up on me. Thank you for caring.
Hilda T., St. Augustine Beach
Reason for visit: chronic cough and hearing loss

It is great to actually breathe and smell again. My wife and I both sleep at night because I don't snore. I can smell the grass when I mow the yard. Awesome!
Andre J., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: facial pain, snoring

Sinus surgery was the best decision for me. I have had absolutely no problems since, and I had no problems with healing.
Cheryl K., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

After suffering more than 25 years and 2 prior surgeries, nothing worked -- until Dr. DePasquale performed the latest surgery procedure.
Janet L., Palm Coast
Reason for visit: chronic sinus pain, infections and migraines

Dr. DePasquale, a note of gratitude and a mention of quality health service. . . [The staff] all tie at the scale's apex for presentation, appearance, genuine caring with professionalism, listening skills (no pun intended), knowledge and experience in their individual discipline. . . True, my visit was not of life-threatening conditions. But if it were I would be very lucky to have a team as yours! Your medical facility is also class in its design, cleanliness, ambiance and noted pride. What a deal! Oh yeah, suggested improvements? NONE. Thank you to ALL staff.
Paul M., St. Augustine

After years of suffering sinus infections, I was sent by my primary care doctor to see Dr. DePasquale. She diagnosed my chronic sinusitis, treated it and gave me back my zest for life. She is the best.
Marilyn F., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

They did a very good job. They should be highly recommended.
Rupert M., Palm Coast
Reason for visit: balloon sinuplasty

I am able to speak due to Dr. DePasquale using grafting material on the small amount of tongue I had left. I am so thankful for all she has done for me. I thank God for the services.
Shirley W., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: tongue cancer

Having suffered with sinus issues for close to 50 years, having the procedure changed my ability to breathe, rest more and the biggest value -- less drugs!
Martin B., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: chronic sinusitis

Dr. D removed lesions that had developed on my voice box due to acid reflux as well as smoking. Very pleased with the service which I received.
Betty W., Palatka
Reason for visit: lesions

Very satisfied. I am very pleased to be back to normal again. I can't believe how quick I was fixed.
Reason for visit: vocal dysfunction

Most seniors are treated like a M/C number. This was not the case at your office. The results of each test were fully explained and the expected treatment from those results. Laughter and smiles is very important in an office and it was often with your employees. Thanks!
Reason for visit: vocal dysfunction

Amy was very knowledgeable and patient. Her expertise helped me a great deal with my problems. Being a singer, I was having a problem reaching the high notes without my voice cracking. Now thanks to the vocal exercises she gave me, that doesn't happen anymore.
Reason for visit: vocal dysfunction

Loved how I was treated. Thank you all so much.
Reason for visit: vocal dysfunction

I feel so different, like a lot of weight was lifted off of me. I feel free like a bird flying in the sky!
Andrea A., St. Augustine
Reason for visit: severe chronic sinusitis