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Tonsils are two round lumps of tissue (similar to lymph nodes) located in the back of the throat. In general, lymphoid tissue is comprised of lymphocytes thought to be involved in antibody production to defend against pathogens. Tonsillitis refers to the swelling or inflammation of the tonsils caused by either viral or bacterial infections. Similar to your tonsils, adenoids are soft palates located high in the throat behind your nose. Unlike the tonsils, adenoids are not visible through the mouth or nose without the help of special instrumentation.

Tonsillitis usually occurs more often in children than adults. The proper treatment for tonsillitis depends heavily on the cause and severity of the infection. For this reason, an ENT specialist such as Dr. DePasquale is the best choice to get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. Chronic tonsillitis has been known to cause difficulty breathing and other airway problems, such as sleep apnea, tonsillar cellulitis, and tonsillar abscess.

Do I Need a Tonsillectomy?

A tonsillectomy is a surgical process to remove the tonsils from the back of the throat. Symptoms of tonsillitis will often include:

  • painful sore throat
  • red swollen tonsils
  • white patches on tonsils
  • painful to swallow
  • tender swollen lymph nodes
  • ear aches or headaches
  • fever or chills
  • loss of voice

NOTE: Tonsillectomy was and still remains the most common surgery in children, though not performed as often nowadays. Our throat doctor only recommends the surgery for children or adults when antibiotics fail to help with chronic infections occurring in the tonsils.

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