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Generally speaking, ears are designed to be self cleaning. The ear skin on the outer part of the canal has glands that produce ear wax. The secretion is Nature's way of protecting the ear from damage and infections. This helpful coating acts as a repellent and prevents unwanted particles for entering the ear canal. It is a normal function of the ear for wax to be transported from the inner ear to the outer opening for discharge.

Ear Candling is a widely perpetrated myth that does not soften or remove wax from the ear canal. In theory, a hollow candle inserted into the external auditory canal is lit and supposedly the suction created by the heat removes the earwax. This is a hoax that subjects the individual to potential burns from the open flame or hot dripping wax. If your earwax build-up blocks the ear canal, there are medications we can recommend for safe and effective results.

Cerumen Impaction

Cerumen is the medical term for the yellowish waxy substance secreted in the ear canal. It is naturally occurring and typically asymptomatic. When ear wax becomes impacted, it may require manual removal by an ENT to alleviate ear problems such as:

  • earaches or ear pain
  • vertigo or dizziness
  • hearing loss
  • swollen ear canal
  • tympanic membrane perforation

Sometimes the consistency of someone's earwax or the physical nature of their ear canal promotes unwanted wax buildup. If you struggle with cerumen impaction, it may be best to leave the ears alone and call a professional at 904.461.6060; or use this website's convenient contact form for a prompt email response.

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