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Ear trauma is an injury to both or one ear that causes temporary or permanent hearing loss, damage to the ear canal or ongoing problems with balance. The outer and inner areas of your ear are separated by your eardrum (tympanic membrane). The eardrum is very sensitive to both sounds and changes in pressure. Even the vibrations from listening to loud music or working around loud equipment can damage your eardrum overtime.

Most perforations to the ear drum or lining of the ear canal will heal on their own in a few weeks. However, while your ear is healing, it is important to properly care for the ear by keeping it dry (no swimming or dunking the head under water). Using ear plugs during this time can reduce the risk of infection from airborne debris. Bleeding from the ear, severe earache, swelling or inflammation should be examined by an ear doctor without delay.

Common Causes of Eardrum Injuries

The eardrum is a delicate instrument and be perforated or damaged by disease or trauma to include:

  • ear infections
  • direct trauma to ear
  • inserting foreign objects
  • loud noises or explosions
  • pressure or barotraumas
  • ear tube insertions
  • severe head trauma
  • other serious diseases

NOTE: Wearing earplugs or other ear protection can help prevent ear trauma. Our ear doctor and/or audiologist can evaluate the condition of your eardrum and may conduct an audiogram to determine the degree of hearing loss following ear trauma.

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