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Each of the three (3) sections of the ear are subject to infections. Due to the shape of the ear during development, children are more prone to suffer with painful and chronic ear problems. Although most ear pain is temporary and disappears within a matter of days, any lingering discomfort should be examined by a doctor to obtain timely treatments and prevent spreading. Our ear doctor often prescribes eardrops, antibiotics or minor surgical procedures, such as inserting ear tubes, to eliminate fluid build-up and speed recovery.

Otitis Externa is an outer ear infection that is typically bacterial and can be very painful. With an outer ear problem, pulling down on the ear lobe or chewing food may cause the pain to worsen. Middle ear infections (otitis media) are viral or bacterial and often produce a glue-like secretion. Allergies and blocked Eustachian tubes are typical culprits and treatments are contingent upon the cause. Labyrinthitis is another name for an inner ear infection. Unlike other areas of the ear, inner ear infections are commonly caused by infections in other areas of the head and neck, such as a tooth, throat or sinus infection.

Recognizing Risk Factors for Chronic Ear Problems

Since inflammation of the ear and recurring infections can be due to many things, it is important to understand the common risk factors to include:

  • age - 6 months to 24 months
  • family history of infections
  • anatomic or genetic problems
  • environmental exposure
  • eustachian tube dysfunction
  • down syndrome abnormalities
  • ear injuries or trauma
  • over exposure to water

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