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Videonystagmography (VNG) is a technology for vestibular assessment of the inner ear used to test a patient's central motor functions. VNG uses infrared goggles to trace your eye movements (nystagmus) and help our ear doctor determine if your dizziness is being caused by an inner ear disease or some other dysfunction. Balance disorders can be caused by certain conditions of the inner ear or may be related to a medical condition such as high blood pressure.

It is important to differentiate between symptoms of lightheadedness and vertigo when looking for the cause of a patient's dizziness. Generally speaking, lightheadedness is the sensation of fainting but without feeling everything around you is moving. On the other hand, vertigo creates an illusion of spinning, leaning or falling without any actual movement. Both differ from motion sickness in that there is no repeated motion involved, however, severe cases of vertigo can cause nausea.

How does VNG Work?

A VNG works by recording and analyzing involuntary eye movements while you look or lie in specific (but different) positions. There are four parts to VNG testing to include:

  • Saccade Test
    Use to evaluate rapid eye movement.
  • Tracking Test
    Used to evaluate movement of eyes as they follow a visual target.
  • Positional Test
    Used to measure dizziness associated with various head positions.
  • Caloric Test
    Used to measure responses as cold and warm water is circulated through a soft tube in the ear canal.

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