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St. Augustine ENT is proud to offer ear, nose and throat (otolaryngology) services to St. Augustine, Palm Coast and Palatka. Our ear doctor and staff manage problems of the head and neck in both adult and pediatric patients. Since ear aches and other ear problems can have various causes, it is always prudent to see an ENT physician to determine if your symptoms are being referred from problems in other areas of the head and neck.

Patients with ear disorders first undergo a full ear, nose and throat evaluation. Once our ear specialist has made a diagnosis, she will discuss options for medical or surgical treatments. In addition to providing expert clinical and surgical care, our ENT doctor treats disorders of the sensory systems for hearing, balance, smell and taste dysfunctions as well as diseases of the ear, larynx, head and neck, respiratory tract, upper alimentary system and related structures, trachea, and endocrine glands.

Suffer with Earaches or Balance Issues?

Every day, millions of Americans suffer from a broad range of ear problems to include:

If you suffer with chronic ear infections, balance problems, hearing loss or have experienced ear trauma, call us at 904.461.6060 or use this website's convenient contact form for a prompt email response.

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