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When you are unable to identify a sound or where it comes from, you may be experiencing hearing problems. Having difficulty understanding what people are saying is not only frustrating but can create a dangerous situation in many work environments and personal settings. Some individuals are born with hearing impairments while others experience a hearing loss due to a medical condition or the natural process of aging.

Hearing problems can occur in one or both ears and may be temporary or permanent. Common causes of hearing loss include ear infections, earwax build-up, ear injury, extremely loud noises, certain medications, and heredity. Conductive hearing loss can result from fluid build-up in the middle ear. When the tiny hairs in the cochlea are damaged, the clarity and volume of sounds can be impacted. If ear nerves are damaged, a neural hearing impairment may result from disrupted signals to the brain.

Conditions of Untreated Hearing Loss

Undiagnosed and untreated hearing problems can lead to numerous physical difficulties and emotional problems to include:

  • irritability and depression
  • impaired memory
  • loss of interest
  • withdrawal or isolation
  • inappropriate responses
  • elevated tension and stress
  • risk of personal safety
  • inability to understand
  • reduced alertness
  • diminished psychological health

The vast majority of individuals struggling with hearing problems can benefit from medical treatments, ear surgery or hearing aids. If you or a loved one are struggling to hear the world around you, call us at 904.461.6060; or use this website's convenient contact form for a private response.

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