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Custom-made ear plugs provide an excellent solution for anyone who needs the best protection against water, loud noise levels, gun blasts, wind noise, power tools, loud motors or industrial equipment. Each plug is created from your earmold to fit your ear. That way, you get a reliable tissue-to-tissue fit that duplicates every crevice and contour, which allows the user to wear their earplugs for extended periods of time without discomfort.

Molded ear plugs offer personalized hearing protection for a wide variety of applications from swim meets to sleeping with someone who snores. If your ordinary earplugs just don't work, fall out of your ears, fail to block enough noise, block too much sound or allow water to leak into your ear canal, then it's time for a consultation with our hearing specialist. Made from a medical grade materials, our ear plugs provide greater comfort and convenience as well as maximum attenuation value.

Who Needs Custom-Molded Ear Plugs?

Anyone who is exposed to elements or conditions that can cause ear trauma or disease should consider custom-fitted ear plugs. Our ENT-approved devices are safe and effective for a variety of uses including:

  • swimmers and surfers
  • factory or line workers
  • gun range or skeet shooters
  • pilots and flightline personnel
  • industrial environments

NOTE: With proper fitting ear protection, incidences of auditory damage are dramatically lowered. Studies have also indicated a reduction in worker accidents, depression, irritability, vertigo, nausea, cardiac problems, high blood pressure, headaches, nervousness and common hearing disorders.

If you live, work or play in a potentially ear damaging environment, call us at 904.461.6060 or use this website's convenient contact form for a prompt email response.

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